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Fast Payday Loan Is Really Amazing


Our company is already well known on the market and can be safely described as a reputable and trustworthy company. It is now offering Fast payday loans for its customers. It is a low interest rate product, of course you can take out the loan from the comfort of your home, and in addition, we provide you 30 days after the conclusion of the contract to think about whether it really is the right product for you. If you find that this is not the case, the loan can be canceled without penalty at that time.

Fast payday loan and its characteristics

Fast payday loan and its characteristics

The Fast payday loan is provided in the amount of 10,000 – 150,000 dollars, with a maturity of up to 84 months. Repayments are fixed on a regular and fixed basis. The interest rate of the loan is very interesting and no fees are paid, either in advance or after the loan is paid out.

The condition of the granting is that the applicant for the loan is aged between 18 and 70 years, capable of legal acts and with permanent residence in the territory of the the country outside the municipal office. Employees, entrepreneurs, pensioners and women on maternity leave and the unemployed can apply. If you qualify, the loan can be applied for and processed through the online form.

Benefits Fast payday loans

Benefits Fast payday loans

The ability to complete all the necessary formalities online is not the only advantage of this product. The loan is completely free of charge. It is provided as a non-purpose loan. If you decide to pay for it before you originally agreed with the provider, this is no problem and can also be done for free. Otherwise, you pay fixed monthly payments until the debt is fully paid.

Other contributions from the section

Other contributions from the section

Overpay the loan as little as possible Don’t be surprised by the executor? Loans immediately, yes or no? Do you buy an apartment? How will you fund it?

The safest way to borrow online is to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable lender and that you keep an eye out for red flags. There are two major risks when borrowing money online. Losing money is a real risk: fake lenders can easily set up shop, promise the world, and charge fees for approving your loan


Does credit rescheduling make sense – it actually make sense to repay a loan


Ever lower interest rates and significantly rising offers entice many consumers to reschedule their existing loans. But when does it actually make sense to repay a loan? We clarify these questions in this article.

Does it always make sense to repay a loan?

Does it always make sense to repay a loan?

Debting a loan means, for example, that you are repaying several loans and are debiting the respective remaining debt of these loans into a single loan.

This may significantly reduce fees and borrowing costs. But even a single loan can be rescheduled if, for example, you get significantly better conditions than at the current bank.

Debt rescheduling loans are usually good business for banks, which makes it easier for you as a consumer to get a new and good deal. But be careful: If there have been payment defaults at the current bank in the past, the chances are no longer so good at the new bank.

When a debt rescheduling makes sense

When a debt rescheduling makes sense

Basically, it can be said that debt rescheduling always makes sense if a new loan is significantly cheaper , taking all costs into account. However, the costs include not only the costs of the new contract, but also the so-called prepayment penalty , which has to be paid to the old bank. This is a fee that is due as some kind of compensation for terminating the loan agreement early. Your current loan agreement states whether and to what extent this prepayment penalty is due.

Tip for prepayment penalty

If your loan runs for more than 12 months, the bank may charge you a maximum of 1 percent of the remaining debt as compensation. However, if the term is less than 12 months, it is only 0.5 percent. This applies to all contracts that were concluded after June 10, 2010.

Determine the total cost of the old contracts

Determine the total cost of the old contracts

To calculate whether rescheduling one or more loans makes sense in your case, you need to take the following into account:

  • Calculate the costs that are due until the end of your current loan or your loans.
  • Determine the prepayment penalty for each loan.
  • Get a debt rescheduling offer including all costs for the entire term.
  • Compare the costs of your previous loans up to the end of the term (including prepayment penalty) with the costs that would be incurred for the new loan for the entire term.

Now it is very simple: If you have less costs with the new offer on the total term than in the remaining term of the previous loans, then a debt rescheduling makes sense in your case.

This is how a debt rescheduling works

This is how a debt rescheduling works

1. Does the debt rescheduling make sense?

As mentioned above, the first step is to check whether rescheduling the loan makes any sense in your case. Use the above calculation for this. Ask the bank for a transfer certificate. There, all costs including prepayment penalty are added up to the end of the term. If you want to reschedule several loans, all you have to do is add up the total costs of the respective transfer certificates.

2. Obtain credit offers

Now you can get new loan offers. So that they are actually cheaper, you should get an offer for an online loan instead of going to another bank branch. The big advantage is that you can also carry out a neutral loan comparison directly online and the comparison calculator determines the best offer for you from several banks.

To use the loan comparison, you only have to specify the required loan amount, the term and the purpose of “debt rescheduling”. The loan amount required should then correspond to the redemption costs of the other loans. However, some also add a little more money because they may be planning a new purchase.

It is important that the new bank knows that you want to redeem the existing loans. Otherwise, a cancellation could quickly occur if the bank is not aware of this. In the meantime, however, the technology is already so far that the new bank can already see your existing loans.

3. Take out a new loan and cancel the old one

If the conditions are right for you, you can take out the new loan directly online. An adviser to the bank or the intermediary may contact you again by phone. You can also clarify directly with the new bank whether it will cancel and redeem the old loan. As a rule, this is usually offered as a service.


Borrow 1400 dollars – 1400 dollars mini loan with instant payment to your account!

A $ 1,400 mini loan can help you to bridge an acute financial bottleneck. If you have to pay such a large sum quickly, but the money is not available at the moment, a mini loan of 1,400 USD is a good way to meet your liabilities. With us you will learn everything about mini loans and how you can take out a 1,400 USD loan.

Which providers offer a 1,400 USD mini loan?

Which providers offer a 1,400 USD mini loan?

You can take out a 1,400 USD mini loan with Capital lender or Prida Cash Lender. Both providers, however, only grant loans of this amount to existing customers. First time customers have no way to take out a 1,400 USD loan. In general, you should think carefully about whether you want to take out a 1,400 USD mini loan. Due to the short term, interest rates are not particularly important. Even with a term of 90 days, Capital lender would only incur interest of USD 32.56. However, the high repayment rates can be more problematic.

For this reason, it is advisable to take out a normal installment loan of over 1,400 USD. Although you pay the interest over a longer period, the monthly installments are significantly lower. This gives you more leeway if there are additional unplanned costs. The total cost of a loan is often even lower than that of a mini loan.

If you do not get a loan from the bank, you can alternatively borrow the 1,400 USD from private individuals. Credit portals such as Centi Loan Lender or Across Lender provide loans from private individuals. You present your loan project and every registered user can contribute to the loan amount. As soon as the desired amount has been collected, the loan is paid out.

The personal loan is just as secure as a normal installment loan from a bank, as it is processed by a partner bank of the respective portal. You pay the repayment installments to the bank and do not have to worry yourself that every lender gets his money proportionately. Personal loans are granted anonymously. No financier finds out your personal data and vice versa. Your creditworthiness is classified by the providers, so that even with a bad Credit Bureau score you can have a chance of a 1,400 USD loan.

Who can take out a 1,400 USD loan?

Who can take out a 1,400 USD loan?

Every adult who lives in Germany and has a German bank account can take out a 1,400 USD loan. Another basic requirement is full business acumen. Otherwise, it depends on your credit rating. If you are over-indebted, your monthly liabilities exceed your income, you shouldn’t get a loan anywhere.

Banks usually only grant loans if they have a good credit rating. A negative Credit Bureau entry can already prevent you from being granted a loan. Credit brokerage portals such as Centi Loan Lender or Across Lender check your current financial situation and rate your creditworthiness individually. If you can show a regular income from which you can also pay your desired loan, your chances of getting a loan are not bad, even if you have a negative Credit Bureau entry.

What is a 1,400 USD loan needed for?

What is a 1,400 USD loan needed for?

You should only take out a mini loan of 1,400 USD if you are really sure that you can repay the money plus interest and fees during the short term. This can be the case, for example, if you have invested your money in shares. Suddenly there are unexpected costs and you find yourself in a situation in which you cannot pay the 1,400 USD you need, even though you have enough money. The money is just not freely available, but just invested in shares. You must first sell these in order to be able to spend the money elsewhere.

A sale doesn’t usually take long, so you have a good chance of getting a short delay in paying to pay the money a little later. If that doesn’t work or the shares are on a downward slide at this point, it may be worth taking out a mini loan and hoping that the share price will recover until you have to repay your loan.

An installment loan from a private person or from a bank is often the cheaper option. The installment loan also offers the advantages of lower repayment rates. If a larger purchase is to be paid with the money, financing with installment payments is in many cases also cheaper than a mini loan.

How quickly is a 1,400 USD loan paid out?

How quickly is a 1,400 USD loan paid out?

You will usually receive your 1,400 USD a few days after your loan application has been approved. If you have applied for your loan through a placement platform, the loan is considered approved once enough money has been collected. It can take up to a few business days for the money to reach your account. This is simply due to the normal processing time. If you make a transfer, the money is not always immediately in the recipient’s account. In addition, the partner banks must also have all the necessary documents in good time.

When do you have to repay a 1,400 USD loan?

When do you have to repay a 1,400 USD loan?

You repay your 1,400 USD in monthly installments. Unless otherwise agreed, the first installment is due one month after the loan has been approved. You then pay the agreed installments monthly until the term ends.

As a rule, you also have the option of repaying your loan early. Depending on the lender or bank, fees may apply. Interim special payments are usually free of charge. Fees are sometimes charged for the early repayment of the outstanding balance. However, these are usually quite low, so it would only be a small price you would have to pay for the good feeling of having repaid your loan early.


If you are looking for a mini loan provider, fast loan is a good choice.


Experience with Fast Loan from Agree Bank

Experience with Fast Loan from Nice Bank

If you are looking for a mini loan provider, Fast Loan is a good choice. The provider, which belongs to Agree Bank, offers small loans between 50 USD and 600 USD for first-time customers. The term is up to 62 days. With the second loan application, you can apply for a sum of 1,500 USD as a short-term loan. A mini loan is ideal for bridging until the next receipt of money. You cannot make big leaps with it.

Loan offer from Fast Loan

  • Short-term credit up to 600 USD for new customers
  • Existing customers can apply for up to 1,500 USD
  • up to 62 days of credit
  • Identification by PostIdent or VideoIdent
  • Requests for credit are free and do not commit to anything.

Overview of Agree Bank conditions

With Fast Loan you get a loan with terms of 30 and 62 days. If you choose the two-rate option with 62 days, this is subject to a fee. After you have paid off the first loan on time, you can apply for another one. The loan amount is then up to 1,500 USD. Such short-term loans only serve as an alternative until the next receipt of money. You should also borrow only the amount that you do not get into trouble with the repayment. If there are any doubts, then leave it.

How does the loan application work with Fast Loan?

How does the loan application work with Fast Loan?

You only need to enter the desired amount and the duration on the page. You will receive an answer within a short time. Identification is done using PostIdent or VideoIdent. Many banks are already using the VideoIdent. This saves customers the way to the post office counter. This not only saves time, but the money is also in the account earlier.

What about the additional services at Agree Bank?

With Fast Loan it is possible to receive the money within 24 hours. You will get a credit decision within 60 seconds whether a loan is even possible. As soon as you visit the bank’s website, a live chat starts. You can clarify any questions directly with an employee. Due to the fact that the bank is based in Malta, you can hope for a loan approval even if the entries in the credit bureau are no longer so good. You do not need to submit salary certificates.

Other additional services include the two-rate option, which is associated with additional fees. You usually pay back the amount within 30 days. Choosing the two-rate option gives you more financial leeway. You then only have to pay the last installment after 62 days.

How does identification work?

How does identification work?

The bank offers the conventional PostIdent, where you can identify yourself with your ID card at the post office counter. The new VideoIdent is less time-consuming. All you have to do is hold your ID card in front of the camera. An employee checks the data and compares your photo. This saves a lot of time, which affects the payment of the loan amount. All you need is a stable and fast internet line, a camera and software for video telephony, such as Skype.

Are there reasons that can lead to a loan rejection?

There are. For example, if there are entries in the credit bureau that are serious, there is no loan from Fast Loan either. These include, for example, affidavits, ongoing seizures, warrants and bankruptcy proceedings.

Conclusion on mini credit from Agree Bank

Conclusion on mini credit from Nice Bank

Fast Loan is one of the few providers of mini loans. In the background is the Agree Bank from Malta. As a first-time customer, there is a loan amount of up to 600 USD. If this loan has been properly repaid, then another loan with a higher loan amount of up to 1,500 USD can be applied for. The term is up to 62 days, whereby the two-rate option is chargeable.


If we decide to use the loan on the non-bank market

The consequences of not repaying a loan within the prescribed period are always the same: the lender initiates debt collection activities to motivate the debtor to pay the arrears. One of the tools used for this purpose is prompt.

The prompt is often confused with a pre-trial payment request. The first type of letter is milder and is used at the beginning of recovery proceedings. This also applies to loan arrears. If the initial recovery of payday loans does not bring the expected results, the lender sends an official request for payment. This is already a firm demand to return the loan within a specified period, which includes a warning about the possibility of taking legal steps to obtain a court order for payment.

What are the types of prompts?


Because no regulations specify what the prompt should look like, companies and institutions send it in various forms. The following types of prompts are most often used by lenders:

  • written – in the form of a letter that is sent to the debtor by letter via traditional post,
  • electronic – it is a payment reminder sent to the e-mail address that the borrower provided in the loan application,
  • by phone – involves the telephone contact of a loan company representative with the debtor,
  • SMS – this message contains information on arrears and is sent to the borrower’s telephone number provided in the application form.

Most loan companies use all of the above. forms of prompts, and electronic and SMS are especially popular because they are the fastest and cheapest.

The above types of reminders are also used by other institutions, banks, and companies. So you can also expect a prompt if your phone bill, Internet or electricity bill is late, installments are due, or if you overdraft on your personal account. Somewhat less frequently, reminders are used by debt collection companies, which usually send a payment request immediately.

What are the costs of prompts?

What are the costs of prompts?

Preparation and sending of a payment reminder to the debtor generate certain costs for the creditor. For this reason, many people are afraid that they will be charged a prompt fee, which will increase the amount of commitment.

Many years ago, the costs of such reminders sent by banks and loan companies were very high, reaching even several dozen dollars for one letter. This did not help the debtors in solving the problem of debt, which is why provisions were created that limited the freedom of financial institutions in this regard.

The Consumer Credit Act of 12 May 2011, and above all its amendments, which entered into force in 2016, introduced limits on fees for arrears in loan repayment, including both interest and warning costs. They may not exceed the maximum default interest specified in Art. 481 § 21 of the Civil Code, which is calculated as twice the reference rate of the National Bank of Poland and 5.5%. In 2019, they amount to 14% per annum.

The introduction of the above limits meant that loan companies very rarely use fees for prompts and other debt collection activities. Instead, they only charge default interest. However, there are exceptions to this rule, so before using a payday loan or installment loan, it is worth checking the detailed terms of the contract and the price list of the given lender.

Similarly, bank prompt fees have been reduced or abolished, but there are exceptions here. Some institutions still charge their clients with the costs of sending reminders – e-mails and SMS are the cheapest (usually their cost is a few dollars from the notification), while the most, even several dozen dollars, have to be paid in the case of telephone debt collection, specially ordered by the bank to the company external.

How is the prompt sent?


Like the use of selected types of reminders, the deadline for sending them to debtors depends on the institution’s internal procedures. The common rule, however, is that a prompt is sent first, and a payment request only later, when the debtor does not respond to milder forms of admonition.

When it comes to loan companies, most respond very quickly to late repayments and usually use many types of reminders that motivate the borrower to settle the backlog. Sometimes the first reminder is sent the second day after the payment deadline. Very often it looks like this:

  • 1-3 days after the payment date – SMS or e-mail with a short reminder of the commitment,
  • 7-14 days after the payment date – a phone prompt and/or letter sent to the debtor’s address,
  • 14-30 days after the payment date – request for payment, often of a pre-trial nature.

The above scheme is indicative because the debt collection path in each company looks slightly different.

Now you know more or less how to send reminders in loan companies. And after what time does the bank send a prompt? In this case, there is also no rule, because each institution has its own separate procedures. It is quite significant, however, that many banks use only traditional forms of reminders, i.e. they send them by letter to the debtor’s address, and this usually takes 14 days from the time the debt arises.

Prompt – how to write it correctly?

Prompt - how to write it correctly?

Payment reminders are commonly used in business transactions, which is why you can use them, for example, when you are executing orders as a freelancer and you want to ask for payment from your client. Below we suggest how to write a prompt in this case, i.e. what content should be included in it.

First of all, a request for repayment of receivables is best made in the form of an official letter and sent by registered mail to the debtor, leaving a copy with confirmation of posting. Thanks to this, it can be used in further debt collection proceedings, in particular at the judicial stage.

Elements that should be included in the content of the prompt are primarily:

  • full name and address of the creditor (i.e. the person or company who requests payment),
  • debtor’s details,
  • place and date of the letter,
  • wording about arrears along with a request or demand to settle it,
  • arrears (the reminder only indicates the principal amount without accruing interest for the delay),
  • basis of receivables (e.g. invoice, loan agreement),
  • bank account number to which the arrears should be settled,
  • possible deadline for paying off the debt.

And how to write a prompt to the court? The letter, which will appear in the files of the court case conducted to obtain the writ of execution, should be a firm request for payment. In addition to the abovementioned elements, it should inform the debtor about the next steps that will be taken in the event of his continued non-payment.